Pakistan 8 hour police school siege leaves 12 dead-90 injured!

New York, NY (–Breaking News: A police training school, near Lahore, Pakistan, was taken over by four gunmen and held for eight hours on Monday, as reported by the New York Times. Pakistani paramilitary soldiers recaptured the police school reclaiming the building. The Deputy Inspector General for the Punjab police authorities, Mushtaq Sukhera, stated as many as 90 police officers and students were injured and 12 people are dead.

The 12 reported dead include three of the gunmen and one civilian. The eight other deceased victims were police officers and students. Punjab’s secretary of information, Taimur Azmat Usman, reported three men carrying hand grenades were arrested, by the elite police force, on the perimeter of the school and are suspected of helping the terrorists. Rescue workers have been evacuating the wounded and transporting them by ambulance to an area hospital. Pakistani Ministry of Interior, Rehman Malik, said three of the terrorists blew themselves up when the elite Pakistani paramilitary commandos demanded their surrender. new for injured victims and New York government law attorneys.

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