Indianapolis area teen dies after motorcycle crash!

Indiana area teen dies from traumatic brain injury after cycle versus ATV wreck.

A day of fun in the sun doing what boys do best turned into tragedy Saturday afternoon. 16 year old Thomas Hayden better known as Tommy and 14 year old John Kegley were out riding their motorcycles like they did in the majority of their spare time when tragedy struck.
They were both driving down Hyland Drive, a dead-end gravel road off Sweetwater Trail. Hayden was driving his Honda CR125 dirt bike, and Kegley was driving his Honda Fourtrax 300 ATV. The two boys crested a hill in opposite directions and hit head on. Both were wearing helmets, but during the collision Hayden’s had fallen off.

One of the neighborhood kids that had witnessed the accident had went to tell Hayden’s parents what had happened. Hayden’s mother says she wasn’t that nervous about the news until she got to the accident scene and saw the look on another neighbors face. Her soon had been riding and racing dirt bikes since he was little and she had experienced many prior injuries due to that. Both boys were taken by Medical Helicopter to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Both boys had sustained severe head injuries. Not long after they had been flown to Methodist Hospital doctors declared Hayden brain dead.

Hayden’s mother found peace In donating Hayden’s organs. Thanks to her doing that she gave a 15 yr. old boy another chance to live due to the kidney she had donated. Law enforcement says off-road vehicle accidents have increased greatly, but these two boys were as experienced as they could be at their age when it came to riding. Hayden’s loss of life is very sad, but hopefully his mother finds peace in the fact that he was doing something he loved to do more than anything! news for Indiana motorcycle accident injury lawyers.

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