Essex County asbestos abatement company violates state laws

Environmental Source Corp. fined violates state asbestos laws at Westborough project.

Boston, MA–The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) assessed $18,137 in penalties and fines to Environmental Source Corporation, of Lawrence, Mass., for violating state asbestos regulations. According to a press release issued to Massachusetts consumers by the MassDEP, the Essex County asbestos abatement company, violated several laws while removing asbestos from a Westborough home.

MassDEP inspectors responded to a complaint and conducted an inspection of an asbestos siding removal project at the Worcester County home. The state regulators found multiple violations at the home’s construction site, including multiple pieces of dry shattered asbestos containing materials loose on the ground. When products made with asbestos, a toxic fiber known to cause illnesses and cancers like mesothelioma lung cancer, are not removed properly by workers and laborers, the harmful fibers can be released into the air causing exposure.

MassDEP regulations require contractors to perform the following procedures while handling asbestos-containing materials. Complying with these laws can prevent direct and secondary asbestos exposure to workers, abutters, building occupants, and the public:

-Contractors must wet the asbestos products.
-Asbestos workers must carefully lower asbestos-containing siding to the
-Asbestos laborers must seal the wet asbestos waste in tight containers.
-Asbestos removal containers must have appropriate labels.

MassDEP asbestos abatement rules and regulations require advance notification of all asbestos removal work so compliance inspections by state employees can be done regularly. Environmental Source Corp., company officials negotiated a settlement of the $18,137 fine with the MassDEP. The penalty was reduced by $8,637, provided the company does not have any repeat violations for one year.

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