California family settles $20 million traumatic brain injury lawsuit after son falls at BK.

San Diego, CA (–The lawsuit involving the traumatic brain injury of a now 12 year old boy who fell while playing on an indoor playground at a Temecula Burger King on August 4, 2005, reached a $20 million settlement agreement. According to The Desert Sun, the now severely brain injured boy and his sister were playing on the indoor playground at the Riverside County fast food restaurant when he fell on the tile floor smashing his head on the hard surface.

The personal injury lawyers, representing the boy and his family, filed the negligence lawsuit in a Riverside County court naming multiple defendants including Burger King, the restaurant franchisee, and Delta Marketing Inc., the installer of the playground. According to court documents, the playground included a fireman’s pole and monkey bars, but no padding beneath the indoor play equipment. The playground was constructed on a hard tile floor. The boy suffered severe injury to the parietal and left front lobes of his brain along with lung injuries from the fall off the playground.

The personal injury attorneys for the injured boy stated the traumatic brain injury (TBI) has caused the 12 year old numerous hospitalizations including over a two month admission to Children’s Hospital in San Diego. He still remains under the care of doctors, nurses, and therapists in a rehabilitative effort from his head injury. California traumatic brain injury attorneys.