Update: Mississippi governor declares emergency state after ravaging storms!

Miss. counties declared state of emergency with 24 injured and 108 homes damaged.

Jackson, MS (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–As reported by CNN, the most recent update for the suffering residents, of the state of Mississippi ravaged by severe weather Wednesday and into Thursday morning, is looking bleak. The governor declared 12 counties a state of emergency when the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency confirmed two tornadoes and severe storms damaged 108 homes and injured 24 people.

According to state authorities, Simpson County, about 40 miles southeast of Jackson, was hit the worst with 60 homes damaged and 20 people injured. Damages to homes and businesses, in Lauderdale, Jasper, Jones and Lawrence counties along with downed trees and power lines, was also reported. Injured victims were treated in local hospitals and three people have been transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. No deaths have been reported.

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