New Jersey car crash causes passenger train wreck

New Jersey car crash causes passenger train wreck


New Jersey driver struck by car-lands on tracks causing Amtrak collision.

Newark, NJ (–The New York Daily News reported a northbound Amtrak train struck a car stranded on the railroad tracks after a car crash on Livingston Avenue just south of North Brunswick early Thursday morning. According to the New Jersey Transit, the Amtrak train was headed from Washington, D.C., to Boston, Massachusetts when in hit the disabled car.

Local and railroad investigating authorities say the car was stuck by another vehicle propelling it onto the tracks just before the train arrived. Two of the four railroad tracks were shut down because of the debris from the train versus car crash. Amtrak has confirmed there were 278 passengers and crew on the train, and no immediate injuries have been reported. Apparently the driver of the seriously damaged car was not injured. news for New Jersey car accident lawyers

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