Lawsuit against Wal-Mart – California injured woman files Lawsuit

Lawsuit against Wal-Mart – California injured woman files Lawsuit


Yuba City Wal-Mart pharmacy mislabeled pill bottle causes customer’s near death.

Sacramento, CA (–A lawsuit was filed in a Sutter County Superior Court against a Wal-Mart, located about 40 minutes north of Sacramento in Yuba City, California. Court documents also reveal the negligence lawsuit names Asereth Medical Services and the pharmacist they are contracted to employ at the Yuba City Wal-Mart who allegedly mislabeled the pill bottle which caused serious injury and damages to the victim Geraldine Schamanski.

As reported by the, the lawsuit states Schamanski was taking two generic medications, nadolol and furosemide, in early 2008. The pharmacist confused the medications and gave the victim a pill bottle labeled furosemide which really contained nadolol, a beta-blocker heart mediation. The Wal-Mart shopper ingested twice the dose of nadolol prescribed by her doctor. This fatal dosing, of the drug, caused her heart to stop, while she was riding on a bus. She had been taking the double dose unknowingly for six weeks.

Schamanski was rushed to the hospital by emergency medical personnel where she died once in the ambulance, and her heart stopped five additional times. She is seeking $1.2 million in compensation for her near death experience and her now permanent heart damage. The victim and her husband who are represented by a California personal injury attorney, attempted to negotiate a settlement. Supposedly, Wal-Mart and Asereth Medical Services were caught up in finger pointing rather than accepting responsibility for the severe permanent damages and injuries their negligence caused the innocent victims. news for California personal injury trial lawyers.

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