Praying Tunisair pilot sentenced 10 years after fatal plane crash

Pilots who crashed ATR turbo-prop commercial airplane killing 16 passengers go to jail.

New York, NY (–As reported by Reuters on Wednesday, the pilot and co-pilot, of Tunisair, were sentenced to 10 years in jail by a court in Italy. The pilot, who chose to pray instead of implementing emergency measures before crash landing an ATR turbo-prop plane, in the sea of Sicily killing 16 passengers in 2005, was found guilty by Italy’s court.

Aviation investigators determined a fuel gauge malfunction led to the aviation disaster, but the pilot panicked and began praying rather than using emergency landing procedures to land the plane in a nearby airport. The pilot prayed out loud and crashed the plane into water off the coast of Sicily killing 16 passengers and leaving the remaining survivors to swim for their lives.

Five other employees for Tunitier, a subsidiary of Tunisair, were also found guilty and sentenced to jail by the court for terms ranging from eight to nine years. The seven accused were found guilty and will remain out of jail while their lawyers appeal their verdicts. news for New York aviation accident attorney.

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