New Jersey boaters-1 dead 2 rescued 4 remain missing off Cape May

71 foot Cape May fishing boat sinks leaving 1 dead, 2 rescued and 4 missing!

Cape May, NJ (–The United States Coast Guard received a beacon alert early this morning from the 7 man crew, of the Lady Mary, a 71 foot fishing vessel which originated from Cape May. When the Coast Guard arrived they plucked three men out of the 40 degree water, one dead, one unresponsive and one who was ambulated off the emergency rescue helicopter, as reported by the New York Times.

The Coast Guard has two helicopters, a C-130 rescue plane and two cutters combing a 15-square-mile area of frigid Atlantic waters off the coast of Cape May, New Jersey. The water conditions are treacherous with waves surging 4 to 7 feet, wind gust to 35 miles per hour, water temperatures at 40 degrees, and air temperatures at about 33 degrees around noon. Officials have not reported the medical condition of the two rescued men, and the identities of the 7 seamen on board the vessel when it went down have not been released. news for New Jersey maritime accident lawyers.

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