Will County fatal truck wreck lawsuit recovers $24 million jury verdict

Plainfield truck crash families recover $24 million death claim verdict.

Chicago, IL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Two Will County families filed a lawsuit against a driver when the truck he was operating crashed, into a line of cars on Interstate Highway 55 near Plainfield, killing two people and seriously injuring another. The families filed the wrongful death suit, in a Will County court, claiming the negligence of the truck driver, and the freight broker who contracted the driver, were responsible for the injuries and damages on the fatal April 2004 day, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. This is considered one of the highest civil jury verdicts in Will County over the last 50 years.

The personal injury lawyers for the plaintiff’s argued, in court before the judge and jury, against both parties were responsible for the deaths and injuries of the drivers and passengers who were hit by the truck. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, the contracting freight broker located in Minnesota and De An Henry, the truck driver from Utah, were found by the jury to be responsible for the deaths of Joseph Sperl, a 66 year-old man from Naperville and Thomas Sanders, a 42 year-old man from Seneca. William Taluc was the 35 year-old man from Aurora who survived the fatal truck wreck but suffered serious injuries in the motor vehicle collision.

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