Syndey Australia airport biker brawl leaves one man dead

Motorcycle gang biker dies in brutal gang war beating in terminal at Sydney airport.

Sydney (–Dozens of terrified travelers witnessed the brutal brawl between two rival motorcycle gangs in a busy terminal at the international airport in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday. As reported by the Associated (AP), Australia’s largest airport became the center of controversy when a motorcycle gang, getting off an airplane which had just landed at one of the airports busiest terminals, was ambushed by a rival biker gang.

According to New South Wales officials and Kingsford Smith International Airport (Sydney Airport) security officers, the fight was brutal and one man was beaten to death with a metal barrier pole. Australian Federal Police and Sydney Airport Security officers are shocked over the violence and remain interviewing terrified passengers, crew members and airport travelers who may have witnessed the violence. This is an international blow questioning Australia’s airport safety and security especially during a possible terrorist attack. news for injured victims and Australia personal injury lawyers.

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