Record $22.5 million New York state vaccine injury jury verdict

Lederle drug maker to pay Staten Island dad $22.5 million for polio vaccine injury.

New York, NY (–Dominick Tenuto, a 61 year-old Staten Island man who was a former Wall Street executive, was compensated $22.5 million by a New York jury in his drug product liability lawsuit. The jury returned the long, overdue vaccine injury verdict last Friday in a New York state court, reported the Associated Press(AP).

Dominick Tenuto and his product liability lawyers claimed, in court documents, that the oral polio vaccine, made by Lederle Laboratories, infected him with the debilitating disease. The legal action asserted Tenuto was stricken with polio, while changing his daughter’s diapers, after the live oral polio vaccine passed through her system in the 1970’s.

Lederle Laboratories, the maker of the oral polio vaccine, Orimune, was found responsible by the jury for manufacturing an unreasonably dangerous vaccine. The court judgment also found the drug company failed to warn doctors of the potential risks associated with the vaccine’s use. After contracting polio, Tenuto was paralized and spent months on a ventilator in the hospital’s intensive care unit. He also had to endure almost two years of rehabilitation. He remained partially paralized, wheelchair bound, and lost his Wall Street job because his building wasn’t wheelchair accessible. The drug company plans to appeal the jury verdict in court before an appellate judge.

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