Arizona ATV rollover accident kills 9 year-old girl

Arizona ATV rollover accident kills 9 year-old girl


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says ATV accident northwest of Phoenix kills child.

Phoenix, AZ (–As reported by the Associated Press (AP), a family outing turned into a fatal disaster, on Sunday, when an ATV rollover accident killed a 9 year-old girl. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reported two sisters, ages 11 and 9, were riding in an all terrain vehicle (ATV) in a desert wash area near Wittman, northwest of Phoenix, Arizona when their vehicle rolled over. Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies state when the ATV flipped, the 11 year-old sister was thrown clear, but the 9 year-old girl was trapped underneath the vehicle.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene to find the father, who was riding in another ATV with his 5 year-old son at the time of crash, performing CPR on his daughter. Peoria fire rescue crews transported the 9 year-old victim to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center by helicopter. The 11 year-old sister was transported to another area hospital for treatment of her injuries by doctors and nurses. The 9 year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital from her injuries in the ATV rollover crash. news for Arizona personal injury lawyers.

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