Baltimore jury returns over $150 million verdict against oil giant

Exxon Mobile to pay more than $150 million Baltimore jury verdict for toxic spill damages.

Baltimore, MD (–Baltimore County jury returned over $150 million verdict last week to about 90 residents of Jacksonville, Baltimore. The verdict was based on an injury lawsuit filed by lawyers for the residents to recover damages from a huge gasoline spill which occured at a nearby Exxon Mobile Corp., service station in 2006.

Plaintiff’s attorneys, for the Jacksonville victims injured in the massive toxic gas spill by Exxon, filed the suit after more than 26,000 gallons of gasoline seeped into ground water from a pipe leak. Personal injury lawyers alleged, in Baltimore County court documents, Exxon failed to discover the leaking pipe for five weeks. This massive toxic gas spill is equivalent to four tanker loads of gasoline which leaked into consumer ground water supplies. The Circuit Court jury in Towson listened to five months of testimony and found the oil company responsible for property and financial damages, emotional distress claims, and medical injuries including cancer screenings for the residents exposed to the gasoline.

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