California minority construction workers recover $8.5 million settlement

Masco Contractor Services company settles $8.5 million worker wage suit.

San Francisco, CA (–California’s U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer approved an $8.5 million insulation worker class action lawsuit settlement on Monday. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, thousands of mainly Latino non-union construction laborers, who worked installing insulation, rain gutters, and fireplaces, have recovered damages in their California wage and hour law violation lawsuit.

Employment law attorneys, for the nearly 3,100 workers who were employed by Western Insulation and Schmid Insulation Contractors, subsidiary companies of Masco Contractor Services Inc., argued company managers and leaders failed to pay workers for full days wages and hours worked. The settlement approved by the judge includes compensation for all current and former workers of Western and Schmid at any time from October 13, 2002 to September 30, 2008. The lawsuit agreement also compensates laborers who worked for Masco between January 1, 2008 through September 30, 2008.

Affected workers will begin to receive financial compensation for the wage and hour loss claims in the mail by mid-April 2009. Lawyers for the wronged workers urge any employee whose address has changed since their time of employment or who have questions about the settlement agreement to call (888) 546-7439. news for San Francisco employment law attorneys.

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