Pick-up truck tragically strikes Dayton area woman

Pick-up truck tragically strikes Dayton area woman


Dayton, Ohio area resident dies when truck in driveway pins her to garage tools.

Daytona Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–A woman was tragically killed Monday when she was hit by a truck. Ethel I. Streber, 63, was at her home when the accident occurred. The amazing thing was the truck was in the driveway. Daniel D. Cruea and an unidentified man were at Ethel’s home working on Daniels pick-up truck in her garage. Cruea’s truck would be the one to later hit her. As reported by WNEWSJ, the two men couldn’t get the truck to start, so they began working on the pick-up, which was partially in Ethel’s garage at 9759 State Road 73 South.

Ethel had been standing in front of the truck when the accident occurred.  The two men had the ignition on and jumped the solenoid, which is a standard way to jump start a truck. The truck started, but must have been in gear, because the truck immediately went forward striking Ethel and pinning her in her garage. She had been pinned between the truck, her garden tractor and other miscellaneous items. The police responded to the 911 call. The person reporting the accident told dispatchers that a pedestrian had been hit by a truck.

Ethel was still alive when police got to the scene. Daniel and his friend had backed the truck up and were waiting on the emergency vehicles when police arrived. Ethel was airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton by Care Flight Helicopter. Ethel died en route to the hospital. It appears she died from the impact of the truck. An investigation is still taking place. The truck was impounded pending the investigation. Police stated they believe this was just a tragic accident, and tragic accidents happen all the time because people are too busy to stop and think.

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