New Jersey Jury returns $10 million medical malpractice verdict

Family of Francis Keller compensated $10.2 million in wrongful death lawsuit

New Jersey, NJ (–The family of Francis Keller a 21 year-old man who died after wisdom teeth were surgically extracted by Dr. George Flugrad. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the oral surgeon failed to receive medical clearance from Keller’s primary care physician before operating on the young man.

Keller had an immune disorder which causes massive swelling to areas of the body after sustaining trauma. The human body responds to surgical procedures and various other medical treatments as it would to traumatic injuries. The family’s medical malpractice lawyer argued, in court before the judge and jury, that the removal of the wisdom teeth by surgical knife caused the massive throat swelling. Keller’s throat swelled shut essentially suffocating him. The medical malpractice legal team litigating the wrongful death claim by the family says this is one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts returned because of the negligence of an oral surgeon in New Jersey history. news from New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys news desk

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