$1 million New Jersey whistleblower jury verdict

$1 million New Jersey whistleblower jury verdict


UPS to pay $1 million New Brunswick jury verdict to Flemington employee.

Newark, NJ (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Michael Battaglia, a 51 year-old, UPS worker filed a federal whistleblower lawsuit after his night shift supervisors demoted him in October 2005. His anti-discrimination lawyer specializing in whistleblower litigation cases filed the lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court in New Brunswick. On Wednesday, as reported by Newsday the jury in the civil litigation returned with their verdict in favor of the plaintiff.

The trial before the Superior Court judge and jury lasted about a month with the jury returning a $1 million verdict for Battaglia. The anti-discrimination attorney for the plaintiff successfully argued Battaglia’s bosses at UPS demoted him after he informed the company some of the managers were violating corporate policies. It is a violation of federal whistleblower laws to retaliate against an employee for alerting corporate leaders that managers are in violation of their own policies and procedures. The civil trial compensated Battaglia $500,000 for economic losses and $500,000 for emotional distress. The jury did not rule in favor of punitive damages for the plaintiff.

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