Surry County North Carolina SUV versus fire truck crash kills mother!

Four Way Volunteer Fire Dept. brush truck collides with Ford SUV killing driver.

Winston-Salem, NC (–An upset boyfriend/father takes out his anger on a fire truck.  As reported by the Montairy News, Mitchell Dean Willard was very upset when his girlfriend and his 3 year old son were involved in a fatal car accident at 2:44 Pm.  The mother of the child Laura Seal was on her way to pick up their 6 year old son from school when a fire truck swerved the same way she did and they collided head on.  Seal was killed instantly and the toddler was airlifted to Wake University Baptist Medical Center for a fractured leg.

Mitchell Willard was very distraught to learn of his girlfriend’s death.  Police tried to keep him calm and had him restrained but not in handcuffs, he broke free, jumped in his sisters car, and began hitting the fire truck with the car.  He then ran from the scene and turned himself in later that night.

The driver of the fire truck, William Bruce Crigger, 26 stated that he had swerved across the middle line to avoid a deep ravine and a concrete culvert to his right, at the same time Seal had also swerved toward the middle line as well.  She saw the fire truck coming at her tried to correct herself and get back into her lane when the truck hit her head on.

The driver of the fire truck was believed to have a broken pelvis at first.  The driver and his passenger were taking to the hospital with bruises.

Due to the fact that the fire truck was on its way to a funeral, Willard was charged with disrupting a funeral procession on top of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of disorderly conduct, and one count of injury to real property.  The Trooper who responded to the accident also charged Willard with driving while impaired, careless and reckless driving and leaving the scene of the accident.  Willard was placed under arrest with a $20,000 bond from the sheriff’s office, from the highway patrol charges he was placed with a $2,000 bond. The 6 year old boy was with family members Wednesday night. news for Winston-Salem personal injury lawyers.

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