Bobby Lee Cook at Mass Torts Meeting-Portrait by Trevor Goring grows evermore popular

(Las Vegas), —  Highly respected and internationally renowned trial attorney Bobby Lee Cook completes the spectacularly high profile line up of speakers at this spring’s Mass Torts Made Perfect conference at Encore, Wynn Las Vegas, March 19th-20th.

Taking the podium along with legendary legal luminaries Gerry Spence and Morris Dees, Bobby Lee Cook is expected to bring down the house with his fiery rhetoric, penetrating humour and brilliantly perceptive insights into current and longstanding issues of civil and criminal justice. Organizers Mike Papantonio and John Morgan have also invited baseball great Pete Rose as guest luncheon speaker as they launch the inaugural induction of the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame.

Widely regarded as the real life model for the highly popular television series Matlock (played by Andy Griffith on the NBC series, 1986-92) Bobby Lee Cook has practised law since 1949 from the small Georgia town of Sommerville, neatly balancing a down to earth, no-nonsense sense of belonging to a small community with an international practice at the highest level.

In 2001 The Georgia Association of Criminal defence Lawyers under the guidance of Antitrust Lawyer, Nick Lotito, commissioned a portrait of Bobby Lee Cook from the international portrait artist Trevor Goring. That portrait (pictured here) now hangs in the Georgia Supreme Court Building in Atlanta, a testament to the enormous respect afforded this native son of Georgia. At the unveiling of the painting, Bobby Lee Cook was heard to say “It’s better to be hung IN the Georgia Supreme Court than BY the Georgia Supreme Court” and indeed over the years his portrait has engendered great praise, affection and enduring popularity for the Dean of Georgia Trial Attorneys.

Recent statistics on Google web, image and news searches reveal more traffic for Bobby Lee Cook than such mythic legal figures as Atticus Finch, Clarence Darrow and the Babylonian Law maker Hammurabi! With a web profile like that, says artist Trevor Goring, it is no wonder that sales of Bobby Lee Cook prints, posters and note-cards are brisk and steadily increasing over the years. There is a potent charisma about Bobby Lee Cook that is mesmerising and highly motivational – the Mass Torts Made perfect attendees are in for a treat.

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An international portrait artist, Trevor Goring's paintings, drawings and prints address contemporary art, the history and symbolism of law, social justice, the environment, architecture and figurative work of all kinds. Publisher of numerous magazines, art catalogues and limited edition prints he has written two legal art history books and is represented in hundreds of private, corporate and public collections in the United States, Canada and Europe. Trevor lives and works in Cork City, Ireland. Portrait subjects include Supreme Court Judges, philanthropists, leading litigators, university presidents and distinguished professors. His historical paintings have a particular focus on issues of law and social justice. Environmental works reflect a lifelong passion for the mythology, folklore and legends of trees as well as a love for drawing architectural details. He has written and designed two successful art books, lectured on the history of law in Paris and served on a Rhodes Scholarship selection committee. Numerous appearances on radio, television and in print. Born and educated in London England, Trevor completed his fine art training at Saint Martin's College of Art, London, in 1974. Exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and North America he directed one of Canada's leading public artist centres for eight years and published Montreal's first comprehensive French language arts and entertainments magazine. Since 1990 he has held over 300 exhibitions of paintings and prints from his Images Of Justice series throughout the States, Canada and Europe.