U.S. Coast Guard ends 3 day Florida water search

U.S. Coast Guard ends search for 3 missing men in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico. West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys

West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–The Associated Press (AP) reported early Wednesday morning the end of the rescue efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard for 3 missing fishermen off Florida’s Gulf Coast. After three days of searching over 24,000 square miles of ocean, 2 NFL players and one former South Florida football player remain lost at sea.

On Monday, a Coast Guard rescue helicopter plucked Nick Schuyler out of rough ocean waters off of the capsized 21 foot fishing boat owned by still missing Oakland Raiders linebacker, Marquis Cooper. Four men left for a day of fishing last Saturday morning including free-agent defensive lineman Corey Smith, who played for the Detroit Lions last season and former South Florida player William Bleakley. All but Schuyler remain lost in the chilly Gulf of Mexico waters after the capsizing of the anchored 21-foot small vessel fishing boat late Saturday afternoon.

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