Online Video Trends Towards Professional Production – Legal Marketing Report by Rene Perras

Dallas, Texas ( — As the web continues its evolution, there has been a change in both the quantity and quality of web videos.  Many of the social media sites like YouTube began as platforms for online users to upload their own personally produced videos.  With the increasing number of TV episodes shown online and the advent of premium TV content sites like Hulu, the demand for higher production values is rapidly increasing.

This increase in professional content has created a higher expectation by the typical user.  This evolution does not mean that individually produced videos will not still make their way to social media sites especially, if they are out-of-the-box creatively.  But it does set the bar much higher for law firms that want to remain competitive in their online marketing programs.  Although a large percentage of the professionally produced videos online are derived from longer format TV shows, the growth rate for high quality videos last year was close to twenty-five percent.

YouTube will continue to be a valuable venue to help support for your law firm’s Internet marketing program, but it will become increasingly more important to provide production values that surpass the user-generated content that proliferates.  A good starting point can be TV spots that have been custom produced for your firm.  Since they can be viewed from anywhere, custom spots are preferable to “donut” spots that have your name and phone number added for your market but also air elsewhere.

By working with an ad agency that specializes in law firm marketing, videos with high production values can be produced for your firm’s web site and for use on the social media platforms.  It is also important that the agency you partner with provides complete SEO services so that your videos can be optimized for the web.  Producing great video content may be key, but it is equally important to be seen by as many eyeballs as possible.

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