Baltimore cardiac nurse illegally stripped search sues department!

Baltimore’s Central Booking strip searches nurse for 3 minor traffic violations.

Baltimore, MD (–The lawyers representing a cardiac nurse has filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Baltimore alleging Maryland law enforcement in Baltimore’s Central Booking illegally strip searched their client, 29-year old Rosemary Munyiri. The legal team filed a civil rights violations claim alleging the state-run Central Booking facility routinely conducts unnecessary strip searches for misdemeanor infarctions with no cause, as reported by the Baltimore Sun on Sunday.

According to court documents, the civil rights attorneys allege, Munyiri was driving home late in April 2008 after working a 12 hour shift. She has never had a traffic violation and when she saw the officers lights in her rear view mirror she thought they were for another driver. When the officer pulled her over he ordered her out of the car, onto the wet ground, handcuffed her, searched her car which produced nothing, arrested her and took her to Baltimore’s Central Booking and Intake Center where all detainees are processed.

Munyiri attempted to explain she was tired and didn’t understand the officer was attempting to pull her over. She was charged with three misdemeanor charges: negligent driving, failure to pull to the curb upon a signal form a police vehicle and attempting to elude a uniformed police officer by failing to stop. She was stripped naked and searched by the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services officers for her three misdemeanor traffic citations. Baltimore denies the allegations. This is one of many illegal strip searches lawsuits filed against Baltimore in federal court.

Baltimore’s department states they have a written strip search policy and have refused to release the document. Civil rights attorneys assert these types of searches are a violation of federal law. news for Baltimore personal injury trial attorneys.

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