Chicago train crash victim receives $29.5 million jury verdict!

Cook County jury verdict over $29.5 million to Chicago commuter train crash victim.

Chicago, IL (–The Associated Press reported a 28 year-old Chicago woman received over $29.5 million jury verdict Friday. Renea Poppel sued Metra after one of its commuter trains derailed in September 2005 killing two people and injuring more than 100 commuters on their way to Chicago. The catastrophic Metra derailment accident left Poppel, who was 3 months pregnant at the time, wheel chair bound with permanent brain damage. She has already undergone over 21 surgeries.

Poppel’s lawyers filed a personal injury lawsuit claiming negligence when the investigation of the train crash revealed gross error by the train’s engineer. According to Cook County court documents, the engineer was traveling at 69 mph through signals directing him to slow the train to 10 mph and change tracks. Railroad authorities determined the engineers negligence caused the train to derail killing two people and injuries more than 100. news for injured victims and Chicago personal injury lawyers.

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