Albany New York trial attorneys Powers Santola – Images Of Justice by Artist Trevor Goring

Albany New York trial attorneys Powers Santola – Images Of Justice by Artist Trevor Goring


Early investment in Images Of Justice brings long-term rewards for NY attorneys

Albany New York, NY (JusticeNewsFlash.Com)  –Albany New York trial attorneys Powers & Santola were one of the first US law firms to recognize the enduring value of collecting original art works from artist Trevor Goring and his innovative series of paintings, Images Of Justice.

Making their first purchases as early as 1994, Dan Santola and John Powers’ forward thinking collecting policy led them to acquire some of Trevor Goring’s finest and most iconic works of legal symbolism, buying directly from the artist and from other private collectors over a period of years. As Goring’s work began to rapidly receive national and international acclaim, so the images in Powers & Santola’s collection started to appear on numerous legal magazine front covers and continue today to be widely used in legal text books, law journals and legal publications of all kinds in Canada, Europe and the US.

The jewel in the Powers & Santola collection is undoubtedly their original painting Iusticia (shown here), which bears the inscription, Justice, like the bright sun, shall break majestic forth. This image is in constant demand for media reproduction of all kinds and is reproduced as limited edition prints, posters, note-cards and in many other forms. In 2001 it was printed in 1.5 million copies on the front cover of a publication by the George Soros Foundation, Open Society.

The full range of the Powers & Santola collection can be appreciated on their website which is structured around their major art works, including such icons as Justice In Red, Three Judges, Nemesis and Three Sisters of Civil Law. Over the years these images have served to brand a distinctive high quality image of peace and justice, quiet resolve, wisdom and sound judgment, qualities that Powers & Santola have offered their clients throughout their years as leading, dedicated New York trial attorneys.


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