Law Firm Internet Marketing Creates New Math

New York City, NY – — The Internet offers law firms the ability to sell the unique qualities of their individual partners and associates to personalize their marketing efforts.  Through the use of social media, blogs, news stories and video the web provides a cost effective vehicle to make the whole firm greater than the sum of all of the parts.

This synergy was generally unavailable to most firms except through the medium of TV, where a firm could produce a number of spots each featuring a different member of the firm.  That said, the greater number of partners and/or associates in a firm, the greater the cost to take that leap.  Through the use of the wide array of social media that is rapidly growing in popularity with mainstream organizations, each attorney can create a sub-brand that helps support the overall brand established by the firm’s umbrella.

For some corporate firms there is a fear that if an individual attorney’s brand becomes too strong they may move on and take their clients with them.  For plaintiffs’ attorneys that work on a contingency basis, the benefits of creating a de facto marketing force outweigh any risk.

It is the perfect time to include new Internet strategies in your legal marketing plan.  As reported by Advertising Age, the single biggest age demographic in the U.S. on both Facebook and MySpace is now between 35 and 44.  Facebook says its fastest-growing demo is 55-plus.  These are excellent examples of how the Internet is beginning to reflect our society as a greater totality.  Whether your firm feels ready for these two venues or not, social media like YouTube is rapidly becoming a cost effective way to personalize and brand the individual attorneys in your firm and enhance the overall brand image of your law firm.

There has always been strong evidence that the trendsetters in a category often benefit far more than the laggards.  The time to join forces with a lawyer-marketing firm that can offer you these new tools is now.

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