Chicago mesothelioma News – Monroe County announces public housing contains asbestos

Monroe County says public housing contains toxic asbestos pipe insulation. For Chicago mesothelioma Lawyers

Chicago, IL ()–The Pocono Record reported the Monroe County Housing Authority, recently, announced plans to remove toxic asbestos pipe insulation from 50 public housing buildings in 2009. The housing authority claims the asbestos lined pipes are not a threat to residences of the subsidized public housing duplexes. The majority of the public houses effected with the asbestos containing products are located on Garden Street in Stroudsburg, Hawthorne Terrace in Stroud Township, Normal Street in East Stroudsburg and Taylor Street in East Stroudsburg.

Medical and legal experts know prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers and products containing asbestos can lead to debilitating and chronic lung diseases and other body illnesses. Asbestosis and mesothelioma lung cancer are two diseases caused by direct and secondary exposure to asbestos fibers and result in death. Currently, their is no life saving treatment for mesothelioma cancer or asbestosis.

Special companies, known as asbestos abatement contractors who specialize in asbestos removal as outlined by federal and state guidelines, will remove the asbestos lined pipes in the duplexes. Lawyers specializing in asbestos related injury claims strongly suggest asbestos contractors should be nationally certified in the removal of asbestos to ensure workers wear protective gear and handle the asbestos fibers to minimize exposure to consumers and the environment. news for Chicago mesothelioma lawyers.

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