Feds Mexican drug cartel crackdown gives 751 arrests!

Feds Mexican drug cartel crackdown gives 751 arrests!


Drug Enforcement Administration arrests 751 and seizes $59 million in crime profits.

Miami, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–The Associated Press reported on Wednesday, federal agents arrested 751 individuals and seized $59 million in criminal profits during raids conducted across the country on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Attorney General Eric Holder will hold a press conference in Washington D.C. Late this afternoon to announce the results of the Mexican drug cartel crackdown.

State and federal judges issued warrants for the arrests of 751 drug trafficking suspects linked to the escalating Mexican drug cartel which has been gaining ground in the United States. Kidnappings, killings and other violence at the hands of heavily armed drug gangs over turf in the U.S. And Mexico has led to the wide spread arrests and government intervention on behalf of U.S. consumers.

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