Buffalo area plane crash evacuees return home

Clarence Center Continental Flight 3407 fatal plane crash evacuees may return home.

New York, NY (JusticeNewsFalsh.com)–U.S. consumers have watched in shock and awe since Continental Commuter Flight 3407 airplane crashed into a sleepy residential Buffalo, New York suburb called Clarence Center. The fatal plane crashed into homes exploded into a and killed all 49 passengers, crew,, and the pilot. The fatal plane crash also killed, Douglas Wielinski, who was in his home at 6038 Long Street, when the Continental plane crashed into his residence and destroyed his home. The aviation disaster forced residents of Long Street to be evacuated because of structural damages to their homes, airline fuel spillage, and hazardous debris.

The Buffalo News reported on Tuesday, New York State Troopers escorted Long Street homeowners to their evacuated residents. Many have stopped by to see their homes and many remain hesitant about when, if ever, they will return. Karen Wielinski, widow of Douglas, and their daughter Jill, were also in the home, the night of the fatal crash, but were in another portion of the house and managed to escape the fiery plane wreckage.

Residents of Long Street were evacuated the night of the crash and have been delayed returning because of freezing temperatures causing icy conditions. The town has provided the displaced residents with grief and trauma counseling and has maintained a police presence in the area to deal with “curiosity seekers.” The Honsberger’s, who live directly across the street from the Continental crash site, have lived in their home since 1956 and will possibly return to their house on Wednesday. The Honsbergers and many other residents of Long Street are wondering when they will recover from the traumatic events they experienced on the frigid night of February 12, 2009, when Continental Connection Flight 3407 changed their lives forever.

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