Palm Beach Gardens major 3 car crash!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (–Breaking News: Reporting from accident scene, Heather Ryan, Justice news correspondent, reports a major three car crash, involving a red Dodge SUV has occurred on the western side of PGA Blvd., at Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Palm Beach Gardens Police Department along with Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue 64 and Rescue 65 are at the scene tending to the injured drivers and passengers and directing traffic. Police officials have not released any specific details of the major car accident involving three vehicles. A white Toyota convertible, red Dodge SUV, and an indescribable 4 door sedan are totaled and remain in the middle of the East bound lane of PGA.

One person was immobilized with a cervical collar and backboard and loaded onto an ambulance for transport to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Police officers have closed the two interior lanes to East bound traffic with flares and are directing all vehicles to the far right lane. Traffic traveling East is being detoured South on Military Trail. The extent of injuries to all drivers and passengers involved is undetermined at this time.

Heather Ryan – News correspondent  Justice News Flash – Injury News Source 

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