Knoxville federal court receives Kingston toxic ash spill lawsuit filing

New York injury law firm files 106 individual consumer claims against TVA in federal court.

Knoxville, TN (–Homeowners and consumers, in Tennessee affected by the massive toxic coal ash spill, from a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) facility near Knoxville, have filed a lawsuit in federal court. Lawyers representing the 106 plaintiffs state the legal action, filed in federal court Wednesday, will not be litigated as a class action lawsuit and every claimant will stand alone.

The law firm asked the court for the right to a jury trial on behalf of each injured person requesting compensation for a long list of damages. Court documents list property damage, loss of property value, emotional distress, toxic chemical exposure, loss of income, and funds for medical monitoring of individuals exposed to billions of gallons of coal ash as part of the damages caused by the negligence of the TVA, the largest public utility company in the country. news for injured victims and Knoxville personal injury attorneys.

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