LAPD union sues department after officer receives head injury

Los Angeles police commanders sued after telling officers to disregard helmets.

Los Angeles, CA (–During a January 10, 2009 demonstration in Westwood where Los Angeles Police Department officers were required to respond to escalating demonstrators officers were instructed by commanders not to wear protective helmets. The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday a lawsuit was filed by the lawyers with the LAPD union against the department stating an officer suffered a head injury during the demonstrations when he was struck with a sign.

Attorneys for the department claim commanders were concerned the presence of officers wearing helmets may further escalate the crowd and instructed deputies to not wear protective head and face shields. Union lawyers state the LAPD’s own emergency operations manual clarifies officers assigned to crowd detail must be assigned with helmets vests and batons. The LAPD union asserts officer safety must be a top priority to avoid needless injuries and damages affecting the health and safety of law enforcement officials. news for Los Angeles employment law litigators.

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