California begins 20,000 government worker layoffs!

Cali legislature fails to pass budget leaving thousands without jobs and contracts.

San Francisco, CA ( of California lawmakers failed to pass the budget this past weekend by one vote reported the Associated Press (AP) on Tuesday. Today begins the laying off of 20,000 state workers and a mass canceling of government public works projects placing tens of thousands of construction workers out of jobs because of the failing legislative weekend. The California Senate was missing one Republican vote over the weekend to pass the state’s budget proposal, including a tax increase, leaving consumers and workers without revenue.

Democrats are saying the Republicans refusal to support tax increases, to pull California out of its faltering economic state of affairs, leaves no revenue to provide state services to its consumers. The state of California has a $42 billion revenue shortfall and Governor Schwarzenegger’s administration claims they have no choice but to begin massive layoffs.

The pink slips will begin being delivered today to 20,000 state employees working in corrections, health and human services and other agencies throughout the state. recently reported on the horrific conditions and overcrowding in California’s correctional system prompting the Supreme Court to order the state to release inmates. This marks the longest legislative session in California’s history with the Assembly in session for over 30 continuous hours at one point in the weekend. legal news for San Francisco employment law litigators.

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