Fond du Lac clinic refuses HIV patient surgery

Fond du Lac clinic refuses HIV patient surgery


Fond du Lac Regional Clinic refused gallbladder surgery to 35 year-old HIV woman.

Chicago, IL (–A civil lawsuit was filed in a Milwaukee U.S. District Court on Monday claiming a surgeon and medical clinic refused care to a 35 year-old HIV positive female patient. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin’s lawyers filed the lawsuit on behalf of the medically neglected patient, Melody Rose.

Federal court documents allege Dr. Steven M. Cahee, Agnesian HealthCare Inc. And Fond du Lac Regional Clinic refused to remove the gallbladder of a sick female prison inmate because she was HIV positive. Apparently the woman is positive for the virus which causes AIDS known as HIV. The doctors and medical professionals refused to care for Rose based on her HIV status which the plaintiff’s attorneys claim is a violation of state and federal laws. Rose eventually was treated at another health care facility and had her gallbladder removed. legal news for Chicago medical malpractice attorneys.

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