North Carolina 14 year-old school bus shooting

North Raleigh teen shot in leg on school bus early this morning. new stories for Raleigh personal injury attorneys

Raleigh, NC (–Wake County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a middle school bus shooting on Halifax Road near Highway 96 in Youngsville early this morning. Dustin Gray, a 14 year-old student at Zebulon Middle School was transported by emergency medical personnel to Rex Hospital after being shot in the leg.

The bus driver initially thought the gun shot from a blown tire and pulled the school bus over to assess the damage. He discovered Gray had been shot in the leg and called police and emergency rescue workers. Wake County Sheriff’s Department investigators claim another boy is being questioned in the shooting, and initial reports say the gun was accidently discharged. The 14 year-old injured student is reportedly in good condition. new stories for Raleigh personal injury attorneys.

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