Lone Grove tornado kills 8 people injuring countless other residents by Dallas insurance litigation lawyers

Oklahoma emergency responders attempting to rescue trapped victims.

Dallas, TX (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Severe weather activity, including fatal twisters, devastated the southern part of Oklahoma on Tuesday reported the Associated Press (AP) today. Lone Grove was demolished by a massive tornado on Tuesday leaving the death toll at 8 and 14 injured. Downed power lines and debris from destroyed homes has hindered search and rescue efforts by Oklahoma officials.

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry has sent the National Guard to assist the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management in rescue and relief efforts throughout southern Oklahoma. Carter County rescue workers have searched all night amid damaged and destroyed buildings in Lone Grove for possible survivors and injured victims. Emergency responders are searching desperately for survivors in the small town of 4,600 about 100 miles south of Oklahoma City in dangerous and unstable conditions.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric reported nearly 3,500 residents in Lone Grove without power with another 11,000 throughout the state. Severe weather warnings and tornado watches were issued on Wednesday for Mississippi, southeast Arkansas, north-central Louisiana and parts of Missouri and Tennessee according to local and national weather service centers. Severe weather flipped a semi-truck in Texas about 106 miles south of Dallas. The damages and injuries to residents and homeowners has yet to be determined.

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