Federal judges order 57,000 California prison inmates released!

U.S. federal judges order California to release tens of thousands of inmates.

San Francisco, CA (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Reuters reported on Tuesday, United States federal judges in California ordered state officials to release a possible 57,000 prison inmates because of overcrowding. California has an immense prison system which over grew to almost double its operating capacity. This massive overcrowding of inmates has caused highly hazardous unsafe working conditions to prison employees and workers. Prison inmates are living in unsafe conditions with inadequate medical facilities and housed three to cell. This has caused a tremendous increase in the spread of prison diseases and illnesses leading to severely unsafe working conditions to the doctors and nurses working in the penal infirmaries plus violations in the human rights of the inmates.

Surprisingly, the three judge ruling only decreases the inmate population at camps, jails and prisons to a whopping 120% capacity. Attorneys representing plaintiffs, who sued California over overcrowding, know their fight isn’t over. The California Attorney General announced an immediate appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Legal experts and California consumers are questioning Governor Schwartzeneggar’s administration and the legislature amidst a crippling budget crisis and the recent mandatory two day monthly furlough of 238,000 state employees which took effect on February 6, 2009.

Human rights violations litigators believe in a healthy penal system and California consumers rely on the legislature to provide a safe community and appropriate criminal rehabilitation programs for legal offenders. The Attorney General’s office is claiming the judges are refusing to recognize the California public at large. California consumers along with prison and state workers are questioning where the leadership in their government has gone?

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