Emotion in Advertising – How It Can Help Attorneys

New York City, NY — JusticeNewsFlash.com — In spite of the fact that emotion influences every considered purchase, many legal marketers fail to include much more than facts, figures and statistics in their advertising for law firms.  In truth, the hiring of an attorney can be an awful lot like dating.  Having knowledge of where an attorney went to school, when they passed the bar and about their past successes may make you want to meet that attorney, but having an emotional connection goes a lot farther towards forming a relationship.  Never forget that all of your clients hired a person, not a ‘firm’.

When a prospect sees your advertising, whether it be TV, print, online or your firm’s website, making an emotional connection helps prospects feel better about your law firm and can help assuage some of the doubts that invariably arise when making a potentially life altering decision like hiring an attorney.  Creating that emotional connection gives them confidence that you and your firm can successfully deliver on their behalf.

Although the Bar in your state may say that they prohibit the use of emotion in advertising, those are not the same emotions that we are referring to.  Our goal is to foster trust and ensure that by the time a prospect meets with you, they are already well on the way towards that hiring decision.

Personalizing your message so that it is not strictly about “the law” or the logical reasons why a prospect should hire you should be consistent across all touch points that reach out to new clients.  We routinely recommend the use of web videos on websites we develop for our law firm clients.  We often include personal bios, testimonials and “About the Firm” videos that give web visitors a chance to put a face and personality to the firm.

The same principles apply to TV spots.  Whenever possible, we include members of our client’s law firms in their TV productions.  Naturally, we try to use the members of a firm that are the most “telegenic”, but the idea is to provide a sense of who will be representing you in court.

By demonstrating an understanding of who your clients are and communicating on a more personal level, you have an opportunity to make a connection and win that new business.

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