Judge rules stun gun company liable for death must pay lawyers $1.4 million

Federal judge orders Taser to pay $1.4 million to lawyers of victim’s family.

Los Angeles, CA (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–U.S. District Court judge ruled Taser International must pay the lawyers fees for the family of a man killed after police repeatedly shocked him with a Taser gun. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the family of Robert Heston, a 40 year-old Salinas man, sued the stun gun company accruing $1.4 million in plaintiff’s attorneys fees to seek compensation for the wrongful death of Heston.

Heston was shocked over 30 times, with a Taser made device, while police were trying to subdue him in 2005. He died from the multiple shocks. In June 2008, a jury found Taser International, a Scottsdale, Arizona based company, liable for Heston’s death and returned a $6 million verdict. The jury found Taser failed to educate police officers that the device was not meant to be used repeatedly and could be harmful.

The company was found negligent and responsible for the wrongful death of Heston. The federal judge ordered Taser to pay the attorneys fees the family accrued during the legal action.

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