Lawsuit filed against Tampa hospital citing 3 kids deaths

Tampa medical malpractice lawyers say St. Joseph’s Hospital caused 3 kids deaths.

West Palm Beach, FL (–The Tampa Bay Tribune reported the filing of a medical negligence lawsuit by attorneys for the parents of 3 children who died while being treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Lawyers for the families of the dead children allege, in court documents filed in Hillsborough County Circuit Court on Wednesday, the hospital is responsible for the 3 deaths.

All three children were leukemia patients undergoing cancer treatment at St. Joseph’s while the hospital was under a renovation expansion project in 2008. The children, ages two, five and nine, suffered form acute lymphoblastic leukemia which severely weakened their immune systems increasing their susceptibility to respiratory infections caused by mold. They were being treated by doctors and nurses, on the pediatric oncology unit of at the Clyde Perry Cancer Institute, at the hospital on the second floor. While undergoing treatment, the young patients were transported to various medical procedures throughout the hospital. During these transports they were exposed to construction dust and mold stirred up by the construction project.

Hospital employees, doctors and nurses failed to take the appropriate precautions to protect the weakened children from the bacteria laden construction dust and mold. All three cancer patients contracted infections caused by aspergillus, a mold prevalent in construction dust and debris, and died. The increased incidence of respiratory infections, during construction projects, is a known fact to hospitals and medical personnel across the country. The parents medical negligence lawyers claim the hospitals failure, to provide the appropriate airborne protection to the already weakened children, caused them to contract the fatal mold. news for injured victims and West Palm Beach medical malpractice lawyers.

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