LAPD police brutality lawsuit settles

May 2007 MacArthur Park LAPD brutality lawsuit settles for $13 million.

San Francisco, CA (–The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to settle a class action lawsuit filed against the LAPD for officer misconduct during the May Day peaceful immigrant demonstrations on Wednesday. Reuters reported the $13 million settlement will cover most of the legal claims filed under class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits in federal court.

According to lawyers, for the injured victims of the May 1, 2007 May Day demonstration, LAPD’s Metro Division used batons and rubber bullets to disperse a peaceful gathering. The attorneys for almost 300 claimants allege the police used excessive force and mistreatment of local residents and citizens in the park. Dozens of people were injured including a number of journalists.

The City of Los Angeles has paid out over $75 million since 1999 in settlements and federal jury verdicts in cases related to the historic Rampart probe. The City Council has agreed to pay more than $32 million in the past two weeks to settle lawsuits related to LAPD misconduct and brutality claims.

The City Council is not out of the woods yet with additional lawsuits pending. for San Francisco personal injury attorneys.

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