Illegal immigrants will not be able to receive tax credits in accordance with terms of the new stimulus bill if passed.

Justice News Flash  – The new stimulus bill, which is currently in the hands of Congress, will make illegal immigrants ineligible to receive tax credits. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the measure bars those who do not possess valid social security numbers as well as nonresident aliens from claiming an outlined $500 per worker or $1,000 per couple income tax credit.

Republicans recently voiced concerns over the possibility of the measure allowing undocumented workers to receive tax benefits, however, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is quoted in the AP report as stating, “This legislation is directed toward people who are legal in our country. It is about time the Republicans got a different piece of reading material and get off this illegal immigrant stuff… This bill has nothing to do with anything illegal as far as immigration. It creates jobs for people who are lawfully in this country.”  Press Release News Distribution for Immigration Lawyers