Organic Foods & Organic Searches-Are They Both Healthier For Law Firms?

Everyone knows that organic foods are healthier but that they cost a lot more.  Did you know that when it comes to SEO for law firms organic searches are not only healthier, but they are also a lot more cost effective?

Dallas, Texas – We have never been big believers in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for law firm marketing.  While PPC may have its place in a consumer product-marketing plan, and it may in fact offer an opportunity to get your name in front of people searching for a lawyer, it also carries with it some serious baggage when it comes to attorney advertising.

The greatest share of those searching for your key words, over 70%, click through on the top organic searches in Google rather than on paid placement.  While there are proponents of PPC advertising that believe that the quality of the click through is higher with PPC, the fact is that you will be missing out on the lion’s share of searches because even unsophisticated web users are aware that the sponsored links are paid for.

The hiring of a law firm is need driven and not an impulse buy. It is hard to plant the seeds of a relationship between client and attorney with a few bits of text even in a well-written PPC ad.  By investing in the development of top quality content for your website, utilizing web videos, social marketing, and creating web press releases and news stories, your law firm can become an authority on Google and improve your search engine ranking dramatically.  Building a strong Internet presence is key to bridging the gap between your law firm and prospective clients.

The cost of a professional SEO marketer for attorneys, although not inexpensive, is a fixed cost once you establish the relationship.  In order to keep your head above water in a PPC campaign, your law firm would have to continuously bid on the search terms that you select.  Once you reach the ceiling on your budget, your ads no longer appear and your law firm will miss out on any additional searchers for the rest of the month.  The alternative is to keep paying for every click and having almost no control of your cost.  It is very easy to get caught up in a bidding war over a search term that many law firms are competing for.

With any PPC campaign your cost continually increases with the number of visitors to your site, even when the cost for each click remains the same.   The key difference is that with organic searches your investment remains fixed, so as your page rank improves, so does your traffic, and your cost per visitor goes down.

Organic search engine marketing is a long-term investment in your firm’s web site that will continually enhance the health of your law firm’s marketing program.

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