Dallas auto accident lawyer-Brian Eberstein-alerts Toyota recalls 1.4 million

Dallas car accident injury lawyer specializing in product injury cases -Eberstein-educates Toyota recalls 803,000 Yaris.

Dallas, TX (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–As reported by Forbes on Wednesday, Toyota, a major Japanese automaker, announced a massive world wide recall of 1.4 million autos for safety defects possibly leading to injury. Toyota Motor is recalling 803,000 mini-cars sold in North America under the Yaris model name.

Apparently the Yaris hatchback and sedans have caused growing safety concerns to the global automobile manufacturer. The cars produced between January 2005 and April 2008 pose a risk of flammability because of possible flaws in the exhaust pipes and injuries from defective seat belts.
According to Toyota executives the seat belts may have a defect in the tension pull upon collision in a car crash. Last Friday, Toyota recalled 214,500 Lexus cars sold in the United States because the company found ethanol fuel may cause a pipe leak.

Auto industry insiders and financial speculators say Toyota surpassed General Motors last year as the world’s largest automaker based on sales. The 71 year-old company may be reporting its first operating loss in history.
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