Dallas SUV rollover leaves driver upside down

Ford Expedition flies out of second level parking garage in Farmers Branch. Contact: Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Amy K. Witherite

Dallas, TX (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Breaking news: An SUV in a multi-story parking garage located in Farmers Branch, Texas launched out of the second floor parking level and rolled over crash landing on its roof. The driver was left hanging upside down and suspended in mid air by his seat belt. Firefighters had to pry him from the SUV wreckage.

Amazingly, the driver phoned his wife using his cell phone who arrived at the scene of the accident before the local fire department responded to free him from the wreckage. The man is employed at the Celanese Building near the LBJ Freeway and Luna Road and was leaving for home at the end of a long day of work. The massive ice storm, which has been hammering Texas, created ice patches in the parking structure where the man had parked his SUV. As the driver was winding down the multi-level garage, he hit an ice patch causing the SUV to slide out of control, crash through a concrete wall, rollover and land on its roof 15 feet below.

The man survived and his current injury report is not available. Dallas-Fort Worth has been hit by the current ice and snow conditions hard in the last few days causing major SUV crashes involving serious injuries. So far, the death toll has reached 6. If you are looking for an SUV rollover attorney contact the personal injury law firm of Eberstein & Witherite.

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