Another 75,000 people hit by job cuts!

Home Depot, Caterpillar, Sprint Nextel plus eight other big companies cut 75,000 jobs – news for Daytona Beach employment lawyers.JNF

Daytona Beach, FL (–New York Times reported today at least 11 top companies announced massive job cuts on Monday. Home Depot, Caterpillar and Sprint Nextel were among the ranks when big business sectors continued to announce layoffs of over 75,000 workers and employees across the country. Texas Instruments joined the ranks towards the close of business on Monday when the information technology company announced the elimination of 3,400 jobs.

Prominent companies have been announcing job cuts and business closures since Circuit City kicked off the mayhem in early December 2008 with the announcement of a possible bankruptcy. Since then the electric wares giant has shut down almost 600 of its retail stores in the United States. Citigroup, Nokia, General Electric and Harley-Davidson have also cut jobs and their overall workforce in the past few months.

The acquisition of Wyeth and Pfizer will leave more than 19,500 employees without jobs. news for Daytona Beach employment lawyers.JNF

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