2 Chinese milk officials sentenced to death for tainted milk

Chinese high courts handed down 21 death and prison sentences for dairy scandal.

West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–The melamine tainted mild scandal, linked to deaths of 6 Chinese children and poisoned over 300,000 other kids, was tried and judged by the Intermediate People’s Court in Shijiazhuang, China. Early today, as reported by the International Herald Tribune, two men were sentenced to death and 19 others were sentenced to lengthy prison terms including multiple life sentences.

The judges on China’s high court found the defendants, dairy producer executives and middlemen, intentionally put the toxic chemical melamine in their dairy products. Melamine is a chemical used to produce plastics Company executives had found by adding melamine to dairy products the protein levels would read high increasing sales. Melamine toxicity causes kidney stones, illnesses, diseases and death to infants and children.

One of the men sentenced to death, Zhang Yujun, was convicted of selling 600 tons of melamine “protein powder” to dairy companies. Another dairy producer was sentenced to death. One man has been sentenced to death but has received a two year stay of execution. The chair woman of Sanlu Group, allegedly China’s biggest dairy producer was sentenced to life in prison.

Chinese parents of some of the victims remain in protest over the verdicts. Several lawyers for the victims injured from the tainted milk are saying these defendants are nothing more than scape goats. Injured victims are saying the cost of their medical bills have been extremely high and the government has reimbursed a minimal amount.

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