U.S. 100 million payment processor hacked-consumer info stolen!

Heartland Payment Systems reports computers hacked through Internet.

San Francisco, CA (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Heartland Payment Systems an international credit card and debit card processing system confirmed its computer software was hacked. Heartland processes over 100 million payment card transactions for restaurants, retailers and other merchants a month. They hold accounts with 175,000 merchants.

As reported by USA Today, Heartland’s CFO and president confirms the number of victims is unknown at this time. He also stated the computer hackers had planted a data-stealing program and they had access for more than several weeks to consumers personal information along with their credit card numbers.

Investigators at the Secret Service and Department of Justice believe this breach may be linked to a group who has been successful at hacking into other financial institutions. Internet fraud and theft seems to be a growing concern and proper computer security is a necessity.

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