1 dead-4,000 without power after Union County helicopter crash

Helicopter passenger dies when chopper snags high power lines.

Charlotte, NC (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–A pilot crashed the helicopter carrying him and his passenger this morning in a field behind Central Academy of Technology and Art. WBTV covered the fatal crash earlier this morning. According to current reports the helicopter, flown by pilot Justin Travis, snagged high voltage power lines and then crashed. The 4-seater Hughes 400 model chopper was carrying passenger Mark Bartlett, 46, who was pronounced dead at the scene by Monroe Police Department and Monroe Fire Department officials. Bartlett worked as a line crew technician an Monroe Regional Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) www.faa.gov is investigating the morning crash. Travis was ambulatory at the scene and transported to Carolinas Medical Center for medical evaluation and treatment.
The downing of the power lines caused 4,000 Duke Energy customers to lose power. Duke Energy reports having restored power to the 4,000 power company consumers. Travis was know to be a competent pilot. There is speculation he may have been teaching Bartlett to fly.

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