Will Social Media Searches Replace Google / Yahoo for Law Firms?

Recently, the New York Times carried an article about how the proliferation of video content on the Internet has influenced young students’ way of experiencing the web.  As is also true for many adults, their research quite often begins with a web search.  Long gone are the days of visiting the library to review the most recent versions of your favorite encyclopedia or the card catalogue.  Although most of us opt for Google or Yahoo as a starting point, for some, the search begins with video.

Research of all kinds- for homework, how to information, finances, sports, entertainment and even finding the right lawyer can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.  The use of video as more than an entertainment medium is rapidly becoming a part of the fabric of how young people use the web.  Although research on YouTube and other video hosting/sharing sites may not be the first step for everyone, it is rapidly becoming a major component of web searches.  In fact, as reported by the Times, YouTube replaced Yahoo as the number two search engine.

So what does this mean for attorneys marketing their law firms on the web?  Will the low cost of cameras and the ease of uploading video content to the web somehow reduce text-based searches to a redheaded stepchild?  Will content no longer be King?

The answer is that social media sites and web videos will continue to gain momentum. As the quality of the videos improve, so that they provide more definitive answers to our searches, it will become more important to include web videos and social media in law firm web-marketing plans.  There are qualities inherent in text and video based content that bode well for both to retain a strong presence on the web. Some topics work better when covered in text and some perform better when shown as a demonstration.

While many experts believe that text and video searches complement each other by providing different sides of the same coin, as the younger web searchers become consumers video will become more and more prevalent.  While we might be able to predict that content will remain King, we may not be able to predict how the definition of content will evolve.  By incorporating web video marketing into your media mix your law firm can stay ahead of the curve.

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